Our basic attitudes:

The youths' various ways of life are to be accepted and treated with respect.

Holistic Approach:
Mobile youth work is determined by the social environment and the individual needs of the target group and thus has a holistic subject-orientation. The subjects and their situations will be viewed in regard to their needs, social benefits, relationships, behavioral expressions, interests, wishes, construction- and attitude-patterns.

Accepting the diversity and intercultural dynamics in the lives of adolescents is a staple of mobile youth work.
The boundaries refer to various categories such as gender identity, age, economic situation and youth culture affiliation.

Gender Specific Attitude
Actions taken by youths will always be examined in regard to the gender specific conditions of their daily lives. Youths will be encouraged to obtain self-determination and self-reflection. The goal of a gender-based orientation is to support youths in shaping their gender roles deliberately, reduce mutual gender specific discrimination and role-based prejudices