Our methods:

Streetwork is a method of social work and a contact form by means of outreach within youth work. Mobile youth workers usually have to enter the living environment of their target group. They do not work on their own premises exclusively. The goals are to provide contacts for youths who cannot be reached by other social institutions will achieve, to explore their living environment and to offer very assessable local counselling.

Group Work:
The goal is to conduct or initiate processes of group dynamics in order to spot and support resources within the group. The group itself determines the duration and intensity of the teamwork. Activities and projects are prepared and carried out together. Guided reflection and lessons learned in various processes of group dynamics (for instance in adventure-based learning projects, sport activities) promote future-oriented and responsible actions by the youths within their community.

Clique Work:
Cliques are pivotal in youths' socialization and identity formation. Mobile youth work takes individual daily routine and coping mechanisms of cliques seriously and supports and assists them. It works with the structures and strengths of cliques in particular. The cliques are frequently accompanied and mutual grounds established to nurture these strengths and resources.

Project Work:
Project work results from contact with the youths and is tied in with their wishes and needs. A project has a clear goal, a beginning and an end. In the course of a project, the youths' skills and interests come into play and new ones can be learned.