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BACK BONE is an organisation dedicated to mobile youth work and community work (Fair-Play-Team) in the 20th district of Vienna. It is our goal to improve the living situation of people in the district in the long term.
Mobile Youth Work focuses on adolescents. They shall not only be able to find their place in society, but to shape and thrive in it. We accompany and support adolescents on their individual paths.
The Fair-Play-Team focuses on the community as a whole.
Both teams offer an accessible approach to social work, applying street work to interact with individuals and groups in public spaces. Our methods are group-, project and community work as well as individual casework.
Vienna comprises 23 districts – Back Bone operates in the 20th district, which is the area with the lowest average taxable income in the entire city – the index of the average net wage per employee is 84,3. The district’s resident population is defined by a high level of diversity – people originating from at least 14 different countries live alongside native Austrians.
7 737 of 82 369 inhabitants of the 20th district are aged between 10 and 19 years.

Fair Play Team
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